Managing Director

Being at the helm of a business is a uniquely challenging role – our specialist support can help you and your business navigate a safe and successful path.

As a Managing Director, your business and you personally have a range of responsibilities and obligations to shareholders, fellow directors, employees, suppliers, regulators and customers.

Managing Risk

Many of these obligations and duties develop and are updated over time; this makes it difficult to keep up to date and to ensure you and your business remain compliant. New standards and obligations arise every year.

Failure to meet obligations can lead to personal and corporate prosecutions, damaged reputations and business failure.

We understand you cannot always manage all aspects of these obligations. You can delegate some of them, whilst you must personally address others. We know what you need to know and control and what you can delegate. We know you are busy and need focused and succinct information. We provide the right level of support and information for you and for each level of management and delivery in your business.

We provide and maintain guidance and support for directors in key risk areas, including:

  • Directors’ duties and responsibilities;
  • Corporate governance (including a company secretarial support service);
  • Regulatory compliance (environmental, waste, health and safety);
  • Anti-bribery and ethical trading;
  • Trading standards (including supplier and consumer engagement);
  • Data and Information management;
  • Competition compliance.

Managing Success

Being a Managing Director is not just about managing risk and compliance, it is also about building and strengthening your business. We can assist in helping you set strategy and have the skills and experience to help you implement it. 

Whether you need confidential and experienced support on acquisitions, disposals or restructuring, or simply on-going support to ensure that the commercial contracts and business process systems that underpin the business work in a legally and contractually-effective manner, we are able to provide coherent and experienced support to you and your business.

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