Financial Adviser

As a financial adviser or broker you work in a highly competitive environment where client service is everything. From our experience of working with financial advisers all over the UK we are aware that the support of the solicitors who are involved in your client’s transaction is essential to the final outcome.

Likewise – particularly where you have recommended our firm to your client – the speed and quality of the work needs to reflect well on you to justify that recommendation.

Our team are here to support you and your client and to represent your brand in the following key areas:

  • Home mover services – property sales and purchase;
  • Remortgage;
  • Specialist first time buyer services;
  • Secured commercial lending;
  • Forward funding arrangements.


Our team

Victoria Mortimer


Head of QCAS

Direct Line +44 (0)113 297 3767

Jacqui Purssell



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Lindsey Hodges



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Sarah West



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