Estates Manager

We have one of the leading real estate teams in the UK and one of our specialisms is advising those responsible for the management of estates.

We are aware of the challenges and headaches that you may face, whether you are managing large public sector complexes such as hospitals or local authority portfolios, a school or university campus, or a landed country estate.

Whatever the precise nature of your role, our team can help with the following:

  • Protecting land for future use (including development);
  • Development of all or parts of the estate;
  • Acquisition of additional property;
  • Maximising and managing property assets;
  • Planning;
  • Telecommunications (for example siting or removal of mobile phone masts on your estate);
  • Joint ventures and funding arrangements.

See below for more information. You can also visit our Real Estate pages.

Our team

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Real Estate

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Property Litigation

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Property Finance

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Environmental & Regulatory

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