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In today’s global economy, keeping control of your business’s brand can be difficult – we can help.

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Having a portfolio of trade mark registrations and applications across many countries can create a range of logistical problems.  Whilst the procedures adopted by the respective registries can appear on first glance to be similar, in practice the approaches can be quite different. Some countries apply the “first to file” rule and some don’t allow multiclass applications. This is before you consider the language issues and other differences such as renewal periods.

The portfolio also needs to be kept up-to-date so that the trade marks afford protection for all of the goods and services supplied by your business and its licensees.

Once you have a trade mark, licences should be in place, whether the licensees are within your corporate group, a joint venture or a third party. These licences need to be managed for renewal dates and performance standards.

Finally, part of your role is monitoring the use made by the licensees and we recognise this can be difficult without a presence in the country concerned.  It is a sad fact that licensees do not always declare all sales and as a result royalties are underpaid.

We provide expert advice in the following areas:

  • Brand management: protecting and managing your brand;
  • IP clearance checks: ensuring that your business activities are not exposing you to IP risks;
  • IP enforcement action: stopping IP infringement both in the UK and overseas;
  • Portfolio and contract management: keeping track of your IP portfolio and IP contracts to ensure these are working for you.

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