Mediation Services

Whatever their nature, disputes can often be prolonged, emotive, time consuming and costly. In addition, they can damage otherwise successful relationships.

Mediation allows the parties the opportunity to explore and hopefully reach a workable solution without going through the courts or tribunals. This is facilitated by the participation of a neutral mediator.

Mediation is a voluntary process aimed at reaching an agreement which is more flexible than the orders which can be made by a judge, tribunal or hearing officer (such as at the Intellectual Property Office), as the adopted solution is driven by the parties. It is a confidential process and does not prejudice a party’s rights and position outside the mediation.

Does mediation work?

Mediation encourages parties to resolve issues through discussions, which are presided over by a mediator. The mediator offers no judgment on the case, but guides the process towards a practical solution identified by the parties. As such, mediation has a high success rate.

A positive alternative

Resolving disputes through mediation has several clear advantages. Your clients do not have to bear the cost and stress of taking the dispute through the courts, and exploring a wider range of options can maintain and, in some cases, build or strengthen business relationships.

Our accredited mediator

Our accredited mediator, Rob Lucas, is a partner within the Shulmans commercial team.

Rob has a breadth of legal and commercial experience which allows him to guide parties towards solutions in a wide range of disputes, including intellectual property, IT, commercial contracts and trading issues.

His expertise has been recognised as he has secured appointment to the International Trademark Association’s Panel of Trademark Mediators and is the only mediator to secure this appointment in the North of the UK.