Debt Recovery Services for Independent Schools

The Shulmans debt recovery department provides a dedicated service, designed to integrate smoothly with existing in-house functions, as well as providing ‘added-value’ items such as on-line portals, report suites and our strategic client management programme.

We understand that the values of debt within the sector can range from large tuition fees through to the smaller library book debts - they all add up and often an institution does not have the resources to cope.

We provide an exclusive suite of services to support our clients including:

Trace & Investigations

This service delivers comprehensive reports designed to support our debt recovery strategy. We employ the best methods and utilise the services of the best agents in the field to support our trace and investigation provision. We offer the following reports as standard:

  • Living as stated - confirmation of residence at the last known address;
  • Full Trace – verified details of a new address;
  • Employment checks – investigations undertaken to obtain the subject’s employment status and/or place of work;
  • Pre-sue reports – to determine the cost effectiveness and likelihood of success should legal proceedings be commenced.

Pre-legal Collections

As personal contact with debtors can be achieved earlier by utilising a pre-legal collection strategy, we can, potentially, identify disputes and ‘gone-aways’ much earlier in the recovery process. Such knowledge assists us in our overall recovery strategy and allows us to implement the most appropriate and cost effective process for our clients.

Our pre-legal collection service provides a truly bespoke process, incorporating a combination of carefully-worded letters and outbound telephone calls to attempt to engage with debtors at various times of the day. Our recovery executives expertly encourage settlement of the outstanding amount, preferably in full, or by negotiating a realistic instalment plan within the parameters set at the commencement of our relationship with you.

We believe that the content and intensity of wording in a debt collection letter to be vitally important. We have, in our library, a suite of specially-worded letters to encourage the debtor to contact us, whilst expressing the seriousness of the situation. At the same time we are vigilant in our efforts to maintain the integrity of your organisation. However, because we offer a truly bespoke collections service, we are always happy to consult with our clients in respect of the content of our letters, to ensure that we pitch them just as you would wish.

Our recovery executives are trained to be both professional and efficient in their approach to contact and are experts when it comes to encouraging full payments, settlements or instalment agreements. We conduct our pre-legal work on a no-collection, no-commission basis, which means that we only charge our fees when we are successful.

Legal Recoveries

Our legal recovery service to the independent schools sector is efficient and cost effective.

As a natural progression from our pre-legal collections service, where authorised, we will swiftly issue legal proceedings with a view to securing our clients’ financial position.

Because legal services are core to Shulmans’ commercial offering, our clients can be completely assured that our technical ability in this field is second to none.

Our team

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Head of Debt Recovery Services

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Debt Recovery

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Debt Recovery

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