Reorganising, restructuring and right-sizing your business

There is no question that an organisation’s structure can affect its ability to be profitable in a changing economic environment. As a business grows and markets evolve, it may be necessary to consider how well the structure of its workforce supports its objectives.

Your toolkit for success

No two organisations are the same and no two organisations have exactly the same commercial drivers. Whether your primary need is to implement change quickly, cost efficiently or with regard to employee engagement issues, the Shulmans Employment team can assist.

Restructuring can take a number of different forms, from implementing alternative working arrangements, changing job roles to be more closely aligned to organisational strategy or completely restructuring teams. It is important to be aware that there are many factors to consider, whatever route you decide upon.

The Employment team offers a toolkit to help businesses through the process. Key elements include:

  • Change process - Guiding businesses through the legal compliance involved with any major change.
  • Collective issues - Advising the best approach to avoid or deal with unions or employee representative bodies.
  • Reward issues - Sharing best practice and helping businesses to avoid equal pay claims.
  • Employment taxes - Working within HMRC rules to protect businesses from any surprises.
  • Documentation - Drafting and reviewing terms and conditions, and policies and procedures.
  • HR support - Producing sample letters and scripts as well as guidance throughout.

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For more information and advice on restructuring processes, please contact Jim Wright, Partner, Employment.

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