Services for Investors outside the UK

We asked Dawn Carlisle, partner and specialist in commercial property, to explain the services we can provide for you.

Do you want to invest in UK property?

If you are investing in UK property from outside the UK then we can help you to navigate the hurdles and rules so that you can focus on getting the right investment with the right level of return. Our team can advise you independently of lawyers acting for the developer.

Our team has extensive experience in setting up and selling development schemes on a unit-by-unit basis. This works particularly well for student accommodation, hotels and care homes.

We know and are well-known to the agents, managers, and sub-agents both in the UK and offshore, and our experienced team can manage the often complex relationships between property developers, freeholders, managing agents and investors – this means that we are good at putting deals together.

Putting the best deal together for you

Our activities have involved working with investors from Russia, China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Australia and the USA. We have a global network of contacts who can help with the unique and complex processes required by our clients to get the most from both investment and development. For example our network of selling agents – both offshore and onshore – who have access to foreign markets and to the investment and selling fairs which are such an important feature of the global marketing process, add significant value to both developers and investors. In particular, we have excellent contacts with Jersey.

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