Real Estate

Shulmans has one of the strongest real estate teams in the UK – the key to this is how we bring our specialists together to provide tactical and strategic support to both private and public sector clients.

A comprehensive real estate service

We have a deep knowledge of the UK real estate market and a comprehensive network of connections both in the UK and internationally. This means that we can plan and execute everything, from individual disposals and acquisitions to complex projects involving specialists from a range of disciplines such as property development, property finance, planning, property risk management and construction.

Additionally, our individual Real Estate teams are market leaders in their own right. For example, we have a national reputation for excellence in residential development and we advise some of the country’s leading housebuilders. We are market leaders in the real estate aspects of telecommunications; and we are one of the few firms in the UK to have a specialist team advising overseas investors who want to acquire and manage portfolios in this country.

The video below explains more about the team and how we support our clients to deliver real estate projects across a range of disciplines and sectors. Filmed in June 2016, it formed our successful submission to the Yorkshire Legal Awards 2016.

In 2018, the Shulmans Real Estate team won the ‘Property Law Firm of the Year’ accolade at the Yorkshire Property Industry Awards and it was shortlisted for the 'Commercial Property' category at the Yorkshire Legal Awards 2019.

Our connections

Members of our team work closely with the above organisations to ensure that we are on top of new developments, trends and opportunities, and we play a central role in introducing agents, surveyors, landowners, investors and developers to each other.

Shulmans Real Estate Network Logo

Our team runs regular seminars on Real Estate topics ranging from construction contracts to strategic land development, as well as dilapidations and regulatory risks for property owners and developers. These updates  provide an excellent opportunity to network and develop connections with professionals from across the sector. You can view our 2020 seminar programme here.

Every year, our team hosts the Shulmans Real Estate Network event in Leeds, the most recent of which took place on 11 September 2019 at Aspire. As prominent players in the Real Estate industry, these events bring together many influential people and facilitate the making of many new connections.

Survey results

On the evening we conducted a survey of guests in attendance focusing on some of the key issues facing the sector. In September 2019, a total of 70 leaders from the Real Estate sector answered questions ranging from the impact of Brexit to the future of Northern Powerhouse. An infographic summarising the results is available to view here.

Expertise and capability

Our property teams work together to deliver a comprehensive service to our clients. If you need advice on any Real Estate issues please get in touch with anyone in our team.

For more information you can download a copy of our Real Estate Services brochure here or you can find links to pages about our individual real estate services below.

Our team

Simon Jackson


Head of Commercial Property

Direct Line +44 (0)113 297 7721

Rosemary Edwards


Head of Residential Development

Direct Line +44 (0)113 297 7724

Michael Watson


Head of Property Litigation

Direct Line +44 (0)113 297 1850

Amanda Beresford


Head of Planning

Direct Line +44 (0)113 297 8070

Sarah Wilson


Head of Construction

Direct Line +44 (0)113 831 3925

Lyn Dario


Head of Environmental & Regulatory

Direct Line +44 (0)113 297 3779