Powers of Attorney

Julie Beales, Head of Private Client Services, explains why making a Lasting Power of Attorney could be a life-changing decision.

What would happen...

  • If you became unable to look after your own financial affairs?
  • If you became unable to make decisions about your personal welfare?
  • If someone close to you became unable to deal with these routine matters?

Did you know that some assets that are not held in joint names cannot be accessed by your partner or loved ones unless you have appointed that person as your attorney?

Few of us remain physically and mentally able throughout life. One of the worries of growing older is that incapacity becomes more likely – and of course illness or accidents can occur at any age.

If you make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) you can choose an attorney you trust to make important decisions on your behalf, such as health care, treatment, where you should live and other important day-to-day decisions, should it become necessary.  

You can make clear who can make decisions, in what situations they can make them, and how they should go about it. 

With an LPA you can even write a statement of preferences/wishes, to set out to your attorney what decisions you would like to be made on your behalf.

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