International Landing Services

Establishing a presence within the United Kingdom involves being aware of, navigating and complying with a wide range of laws and regulations, as well as taking into account the language and business customs of the country. We asked Rob Lucas, the head of our intellectual property team and member of the international team, to tell us more about the international landing service we offer.

Rob, how can a firm in Leeds help overseas clients?

Leeds is geographically very close to the centre of the United Kingdom. Leeds and its surrounding Yorkshire regions have historically been very welcoming of overseas businesses and have strong infrastructure and communication links across the UK. We also have a base in London from which we work when required.

The lawyers within our international team regularly provide international services to our clients and the team has a wealth of experience assisting clients establish a presence in the United Kingdom. Many of our lawyers have the benefit of and knowledge gained from having worked overseas and being involved in international work for many years.

Additionally, we have strong international connections through our 20-year-long membership of Interlegal, a global legal network made up of independent commercial law firms in over 30 countries. We are also members of the IBA (International Bar Association), INTA (International Trademark Association) and LESI (Licensing Executives Society International). Rob Lucas sits on the Parallel Imports Committee of INTA.

What would I experience from the Landing Service?

To make your experience as simple and efficient as possible and ensure you have somebody available who knows you and your business, you will receive a first and second point of contact from within our international team of specialist lawyers.

These lawyers will together guide you through the establishment process and ensure that the method you use to operate is the most appropriate to your aims, objectives and risk profile. We will co-ordinate with the other members of the international team on your behalf and, where appropriate, our other colleagues within Shulmans, to provide the legal advice and support you require when you require it.

The advice we can provide to you when initially establishing your operation within the UK will typically include:

  • Advice on the appropriate company vehicle, such as a company or a partnership
  • Establishing the new business within your existing group
  • Using our wide network of property professionals to assist in identifying suitable property
  • Securing domain names for your on-line presence
  • Regulatory compliance and clearance for your operations in the UK
  • Intellectual property searches to identify any intellectual property risks to your business in the UK
  • Ensuring your use of labour resources is efficient and compliant
  • Ensuring your trading terms and other contracts are effective
  • Ensuring your business has the correct licences and permissions

When establishing your UK presence, we have experience of working with overseas banks and will work with your bankers so that you may not need to appoint a new UK bank.

Do you provide any other additional services as part of the Landing Service?

First of all, as part of our service, we are able to advise upon available public funding and assistance which may be available to your business at the time, and will guide you in the application for any funding.  We have advised many businesses on funding applications and secured assistance for clients from various sources such as the Local Enterprise Partnerships, Regional Growth Funds and UK Trade and Industry.

Moreover, in addition to providing our own services, Shulmans will make available to you and your new UK venture our extensive network of other professionals and make any introduction of benefit to you, so you can select those best placed to provide any additional assistance you may require and, importantly, to match your budget.

Finally, our service does not stop once you have established your operation within the UK. For as long as you have a presence in the UK we will continue to support your business to ensure that it remains legally compliant and commercially effective.

If you are looking to establish a business presence in the UK, useful information can be found in our 'Trading in the UK' and 'Employing and engaging people in the UK' brochures.

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