Interlegal’s bi-annual meetings

Jeremy Shulman, senior partner and the founder of our firm, gives us an insider’s perspective of Interlegal’s bi-annual meetings.

Interlegal is one of the longest-established and most experienced international legal networks. Made up of independent commercial law firms in over 30 countries worldwide, it provides ready access to high-quality legal advice from like-minded firms with local knowledge, to help them in their international and cross-border transactions.

Our firm has been a member of Interlegal for 20 years; Jeremy Shulman has been actively involved in Interlegal almost since its inception and is a former secretary and president of the network.

Jeremy, can you tell us more about the purpose of Interlegal?

The purpose of this network is three-fold:

  • it provides access to lawyers you can trust in other jurisdictions, who can provide the services our clients need locally;
  • it yields work referrals from other members of the network;
  • it facilitates additional international work, unrelated to Interlegal, often because of our membership with the network.

What about Interlegal’s meetings?

As members of the Interlegal network, we meet twice a year.

Our meetings will always take place in a location where an existing member practises, and will be hosted by that member. We have already hosted two of these meetings in Leeds, and these have proved to be very successful. We are hoping to host another soon.

Who comes to these meetings, and what is the agenda?

Our meetings are attended by Interlegal’s members. Members come from all countries, which gives us the opportunity to meet with colleagues from North America, South America, Europe, the Far East, Africa, etc.

The programme follows a pattern similar to this:

  • First day

The first day is normally spent getting acclimatised to the location and meeting other Interlegal members in an informal setting.

  • Second day, morning

On the morning of the second day, members attend specialist committees. Committees are divided into 4 groups: Corporate, Litigation, Law Management and Practical Deals & Cases, which I chair.

Members can choose which committee they want to take part in during that morning.

  • Second day, afternoon

All members are invited to attend the Marketing Committee.

Often, members will take part in an official visit, usually around a legal process. For example, we might visit the Parliament, to learn the mechanisms of law making.

  • Third day

On that day we cover the affairs of the network in the General Meeting. For example, we might be given a presentation by other member firms – what they are doing at present, what they are working on, etc. Shulmans has done this several times.

If there are any new members, they must make a presentation, after which the members will vote on whether to accept their membership into the organisation.

We also discuss other issues which are important to the network; for example, we could be considering strategy.

Is there more to Interlegal?

Much more. For example, we hold an Executive Committee Meeting every month and regular Marketing meetings over the telephone, which means there is strong management relating to the issues that are important to the network.

Further information about Interlegal can be found at the following locations: