Environmental Management for Directors

Head of Environmental & Regulatory Lyn Dario has just launched a new course on environmental management. Designed for anyone who has management responsibility within an organisation (directors, company secretaries or senior managers), this course will impart accessible, comprehensible and practical training that will help you comply with environmental laws. Lyn tells us more about this.

What made you develop this course?

We don’t think there is anything equivalent to this in the market at present. Whilst there are various courses directors, company secretaries and senior managers can do for (for example) health and safety, there is no equivalent that we know of for environmental law. We wanted to provide accessible, comprehensible and practical and user friendly training that will help those with management responsibilities to comply with the law.

Why is the course endorsed by the Institute of Leadership & Management?

We took a conscious decision to provide a course that was independently endorsed. The ILM has an impressive track record in offering courses on all aspects of management responsibility and this course fits very well with their overall offering. We wanted to offer a course which has been through the rigours of the endorsement process. ILM endorsed programmes have an element of assessment, and are quality assured. In addition, delegates will receive:

  • an endorsed certificate from ILM on completion of the course;

  • free studying membership of ILM. This includes access to ILM’s Learning Zone, its learning and development portal.

Who should attend the course?

Anyone who has management responsibility within an organisation. This can mean directors, company secretaries or senior managers, depending on the structure of the business. It is not simply for those that have a direct line-management responsibility for environmental issues – the content is designed to ensure that all members of the board understand what the law requires.

Why should we attend?

There are a number of reasons. The better informed those within the senior management of a company are, the more able they are to shape the company’s policy and procedures so as to ensure compliance with the law. The risks for businesses that are investigated, prosecuted or convicted can be serious, in terms of time, and cost. In addition, the Environment Agency can serve notices requiring specified clean-up activities to take place, which can also lead to significant expenditure. In the light of the sentencing guidelines published in 2015, courts are also taking a tougher approach to sentencing both companies and individuals for environmental offences. Such penalties are now intended to hit home and are based on the turnover/profit of a business.

In addition, regulators are becoming increasingly willing to take enforcement action against individuals where they believe this to be warranted. This is a noticeable trend across all areas of regulatory law including health and safety, as well as environmental. It is important that those holding a management position within an organisation understand the scope of their responsibilities and the extent of the regulator’s powers.

How much does it cost?

£350 plus VAT per delegate, for a one day course. However, we can provide a discount structure where more than one person wishes to attend from the same organisation. We are also offering the course in-house, as well as on specified days in Sheffield.

Further details and contact

Lyn Dario, Shulmans LLP: 0113 297 3779 / ldario@shulmans.co.uk

Steph Jackson, EMS: 0114 272 2270 / steph.jackson@em-solutions.co.uk

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