Employment Tribunals

The Shulmans Employment team represents clients in a wide range of employment disputes. We appreciate the importance of identifying and delivering a strategy that is valuable to your business, whether that is via representation at the Employment Tribunal, or through mediation and early settlement to avoid disruption.

The best means of avoiding Employment Tribunals is to prevent employee grievances altogether. The Shulmans Employment team provides advisory services which outline the steps you can take to avoid or reduce the risk of grievance issues arising and can help you to resolve disputes before they reach the Employment Tribunal.

Should a Tribunal claim arise, our team has the in depth knowledge and extensive experience of Employment Tribunals and employment litigation to guide you through the process, no matter how complex. Our experienced team has advised clients of all sizes, including international PLCs, through a range of claims including:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Discrimination
  • Personal injury

Our team’s experience of handling requests in the context of the Tribunal process includes defending claims in respect of highly regulated areas, such as safeguarding, regulatory and financial services issues.

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