Debt Recovery Q&A

Sara Souyave, Head of Debt Recovery has answered some of your questions about the debt recovery services that Shulmans offer below.

How can Shulmans help my business run more smoothly?

Money owed to you by your customers can significantly impact the success of your business. We recognise that time spent by you on chasing customers who pay late or, worse, don’t pay at all is time which could be better spent elsewhere. Shulmans’ specialist debt recovery team uses a wide range of experience and proven strategies to provide you with support to ensure recovery rates reach their optimum level.

What action can you take to recover a debt on my behalf?

We have an experienced team which works with the latest technology to provide you with advice and support when it is necessary for quick and effective action to be taken.

Our team offers a service which is tailored to your objectives with the emphasis on speedy recovery of your money. That includes making contact with your customers by letter, email or telephone to require immediate payment to avoid court proceedings. If court proceedings are required, we are in a position to issue claims and, where appropriate, obtain county court judgements online – typically we can issue claims within 24 hours of your instructions.

We then offer a range of strategic and tactical enforcement options with the aim of recovering your money as quickly and effectively as possible. In many cases, the cost of our debt recovery service will be funded by interest and other charges which are recovered from your customer so you enjoy 100% net recovery.

Can you help my business avoid bad debt and late payers in the first place?

Yes, our team can help you maintain and improve your cash flow through proactive debt recovery and management of your creditors. We focus on both improvements to your processes which will not only result in immediate cash collection, but will also help you to reduce the number of late or non-paying customers that you encounter.

I already use invoice financing. Does that stop me using your services?

No. Our team is able to provide advice and support which takes into account any invoice financing services that you utilise. We will work with you to understand the financing arrangements that you have in place in order to ensure our service complements those arrangements.

How can I find out more?

Shulmans offer a no-obligation initial consultation, as part of which a review of your debtors ledger will be undertaken and feedback provided at no cost.

Please contact Sara for more information.


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