Fixed-Fee Adjudication Scheme

If you are involved in a construction-related dispute, and are seeking to resolve the matter via adjudication, we can help.

Adjudication allows for a dispute to be resolved within 28 days, with the Adjudicator’s decision being binding. This 28-day timescale provides for a speedy resolution of the dispute, allowing cash flow to continue and minimising disruptions and delays on site.

However, the adjudication process is a complex one, and can be a significant short-term drain on a company’s resources.

It is therefore vital that a business involved in such process seeks advice from the right people, and we have the expertise to advise and represent you in this situation; we also offer a fixed-fee scheme designed to reduce and simplify costs for those parties who need urgent assistance in an adjudication dispute but do not wish to incur significant (or uncertain) expenses.

Furthermore, once a decision has been delivered by the Adjudicator, should you need to seek assistance from the Courts to either enforce this decision or to dispute it, we can provide advice and representation (this is covered by the Shulmans Fixed-Fee Scheme provided you instructed us in the original adjudication).

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