Bespoke Construction Seminars

We provide our clients with a range of bespoke seminars and training sessions. These can be formal or informal, and imparted at our offices or at yours.

The areas we cover are the following:

Session 1 - Contractual Arrangements

  • Interaction between Agreement for Lease and construction contracts
  • Importance of written contracts
  • Allocation of risk - pricing of risk/LADs
  • Formation of contract
  • Collateral warranties/rights of third parties
  • Standard form of contracts
  • JCT forms - schedule of amendments/prelims/specification/drawings
  • Working with NEC/FIDIC
  • The legal status of Building Information Modelling
  • Development Agreements

This seminar will look at how contracts are formed and the particular aspects that are relevant to construction contracts.

Construction contracts are unusual in that they have to take into account details in connected and or/ancillary contracts.

Session 2 - Claims Under Construction Contracts

  • Variations
  • Relevant events/Extension of Time
  • Loss and expense
  • Interim Certificates
  • Withholding Notices/Pay Less Notices
  • Due dates/final dates
  • Right of contractor to suspend
  • Building contract management
  • Payment practices

A contractor agrees to carry out construction work for an agreed cost. However there are a number of different ways in which the construction costs can increase.

This seminar will look at how construction contracts are administered. We will look at the ways in which a contractor can make claims for extra monies and how these should be dealt with by the employer.

Session 3 - Dispute Resolution

  • Adjudication
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Conciliation
  • ADR

When a dispute arises the parties can resolve it in different ways. This seminar will look at each of the different types of dispute resolution which are available. We will examine each of the different procedures available and how best to prevent and respond to a claim through each of these.

Session 4 - Health and Safety

  • CDM Regulations - client/designer/contractor
  • Corporate Manslaughter Act - corporate responsibility for health and safety
  • Health and Safety Offences Act - imprisonment/fines
  • Recent health and safety case law

Health and safety is an important consideration in any workplace. This is even more so where that workplace is a construction site.

This seminar will examine the relevant health and safety regulations and how this affects construction contracts and the construction workplace. We will also look at how these laws are being enforced and the penalties that are being imposed where these are breached.

Session 5 - Construction Law Update

  • Relevant and recent case law
  • Recent changes to statutory provisions
  • Looking ahead - likely changes to law and up-and-coming cases

This seminar will look at topical case law and statutory changes and how these will affect construction contracts and the administration of these. We will look into our crystal ball to discuss likely changes and case law that is coming up.

If you are interested in any of the above sessions, please contact Phil Morrison on +44 (0)113 297 8934 or at

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