Property Finance and Using your Property to Raise Money

Edwina Hewson, who specialises in property finance, answers some of the questions you may have.

We often find it difficult to secure the right funding – especially from the banks. Is there anything that we should be doing differently?

There are a number of funding options that you may want to consider. This may include bank lending; however there are other routes as well such as private funding, mezzanine funding or other third party funding options. We can guide you through the options.

OK, so what do we need to do next?

We find that the most effective approach is to identify the issues that may cause problems for funders as early as possible, and this is where our specialist team can help. Identifying issues early will help reduce the time and cost of your transaction and is likely to lead to better results. Taking the right approach at an early stage may even result in you being in a position to have a choice of funders.

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