Are you Investing in or Disposing of Commercial Property?

Your objectives are the key to success when you are making investments in commercial property and/or when you are disposing of or converting those investments sometime after they have been made. Our priority is therefore to work closely with you to identify those objectives and to agree an investment/disposal strategy. Simon Jackson, Head of Commercial Property at Shulmans, answers some of your questions.

What should I be aware of when investing in commercial property?

Your exit strategy is key and this is something that we will discuss with you from the outset.  It often seems too early – when buying property – to be discussing the future sale of that property.  However a clear exit strategy is likely to be crucial to the type of property you buy; whether and how to let that property; how much to spend; how to fund the purchase; and a number of other issues. We will walk you through the options and pitfalls and come up with a strategy that is best suited to meet your objectives.

I am buying some property to put into my pension fund – can you help with this?

Yes we can.

Arrangements whereby commercial property is held within a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) are increasingly popular and this is because there are many advantages to doing it this way. We can advise on the most advantageous structure (including providing advice on using Stakeholder Pension Plans) and help you through the process.

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