Commercial Property

We have one of the strongest commercial property teams in the UK. This award-winning team delivers creative advice and support which is tailored to your business needs and strategic objectives.

Legal services for the acquisition, disposal, management and development of commercial real estate

Whether you are planning or managing a major development, investing in property, managing a portfolio or estate, or using your property assets to raise funds, our team will provide you with expert guidance and strategic value.  We will always make sure that you receive advice that is relevant and which achieves the results that you need. 

We don’t just process instructions - we may challenge you as to the reasoning behind a deal. Furthermore, we have a reputation for pulling together deals, creating opportunities and bringing clients and contacts together, therefore generating additional benefits for you.

What makes us stand out is ‘personality’ – we bring our own personality to our relationships with clients, and make sure that your personality is taken into account when we are providing advice.

You can read various articles published in the general and specialist media on the subject of commercial property.

Our team

Simon Jackson


Head of Commercial Property

Direct Line +44 (0)113 297 7721

Edwina Hewson


Property Finance

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Andrew Latchmore


Commercial Property

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Dawn Carlisle


Commercial Property

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Kieran Wilkinson


Commercial Property

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Kate Johnson


Commercial Property

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