24 April 2019

Tim Halstead Celebrates 25 years as Shulmans’ Managing Partner

This month, Shulmans’ Managing Partner Tim Halstead is celebrating 25 years in the role. He joined the firm in 1984 – three years after it was established by Jeremy Shulman – with his appointment being only his second role in a law firm.

To mark the occasion, Tim spoke to the Yorkshire Post to give his views on how the legal sector has changed over his time in the role. In the article, Tim discusses the benefits and challenges that technology has brought to the legal profession.

Of all the changes that he has seen over the years, Tim noted that technology has had the biggest impact on the legal sector. Legal processes can now take place at a rate that was unimaginable 35 years ago, increasing efficiency but also increasing the pressure for busy lawyers.

Speaking to the Yorkshire Post, Tim said: “We work in an open plan office now. That helps us be alert to the warning signs . We work in teams. Typically a couple of colleagues at least will work on a job, copying people in so that colleagues can spot if something’s not been answered.

“It gets better as the firm gets bigger because there are more people to spread the load. We don’t work in silos. It’s a ‘you help me today and I’ll help you tomorrow mentality.’”

Rosemary Edwards, who sits with Tim on Shulmans’ management board, said: “Shulmans sets itself apart in the legal sector by being a great place to work and Tim has been the driving force behind establishing the firm’s open and supportive culture. This has to be led from the top.

“Such long term commitment to the success of a business is unusual in the legal sector - few managing partners dedicate 25 years to a single firm. We congratulate Tim on reaching this milestone and thank him for the huge contribution which he has made and continues to make to the firm.”

Read more at: https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/business/technology-biggest-impact-on-legal-sector-says-tim-halstead-as-he-celebrates-25-years-as-shulmans-managing-partner-1-9685546