10 October 2018

Shulmans supports Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre opening

A new £1m Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre opened at the University of Huddersfield in September. The centre was created by the Leeds-based charity, the Holocaust Survivors’ Friendship Association, working in partnership with the University. It contains historical artefacts from Nazi concentration camps and filmed testimony from survivors, a number of whom settled in Yorkshire.

Shulmans provided support, along with other numerous benefactors, by providing pro-bono legal assitance on the prpject. The Association of Jewish Refugees, the Pears Foundation and the Toni Schiff Memorial Fund also provided funding.

The centre is not a memorial, but is a learning centre and is aimed at providing a hands on learning and research facility in Yorkshire for school students and communities.

One of our partners, Simon Jackson assisted the Holocaust Survivors’ Friendship Association on the project and said:

“Over 70 years have passed since the end of the Holocaust. It is absolutely vital that we preserve the accounts of survivors and teach the younger generations who visit the centre that this must never happen again. Shulmans has been involved in this project since its inception and we were delighted to be asked to support this most important project. We are very hopeful that with the backing of the University over the next 25 years this will be a great success.”

To know more about the Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre, click the link below: