02 December 2013

Shulmans goes back to school for Leeds Legal Education Week

Last week, Shulmans took part in Leeds Law Society’s Education Week, an event aimed at raising pupils’ aspirations and broadening their horizons as to the opportunities available to them in life.

Sarah Metcalf and Paul Tootell attended Manston St James Primary School on Tuesday, whilst Marie Broadhead was at Middleton Primary School on that day. Ian Dawson and Lucie Barnes attended Whingate Primary School on Thursday.

This is the 7th year this type of event has been running; its objective is to help pupils view the world of work in a much more positive way, showing them how the subjects they learn at school can be useful for the future and how their various skills can be suited to a professional career.

Some of the activities prepared by the Shulmans team involved, for example, getting into small teams and being tasked to design a new chocolate bar. Overall, the activities proved to be fun for the children, and helped develop their confidence and communication skills.

This event benefitted not only the pupils but also the volunteers themselves, as it improved skills such as team-working, communication, motivational skills, leadership, time management and adaptability.

All our volunteers came back very enthusiastic about their participation, commenting on how much they had enjoyed the experience and how positive it all was for both themselves and the children involved.

No doubt others at Shulmans will be following in these participants’ footsteps and ask to be the ones to take part next year!