03 September 2018

How can our Debt Recovery team support your business?

Do your customers ever pay your invoices late or, worse, fail to make payment at all? We can help.

The Shulmans Debt Recovery team is experienced in providing advice not only in the collection of unpaid invoices but also working with organisations to improve their processes to ensure prompt payment from their customers.

The team, which is described by clients as ‘friendly and professional’, works with our clients to implement a Debt Recovery process which is tailored to their business and requirements. The service is flexible, efficient and cost effective and clients have access to an experienced team who advise and guide through the process.

Feedback from our clients includes: “Shulmans’ Debt Recovery team delivers an excellent all round service with recovery rates to match, providing our Credit manager and in-house credit control team with valuable support in a friendly way that works incredibly well”.

Head of Debt Recovery Services, Sara Souyave explains more about the team:

Impact – In our experience, many of our client’s customers who have not made payment of outstanding invoices upon receipt of telephone calls, emails and letters from our client’s credit control team, will make payment immediately (sometimes within hours) upon receipt of a solicitor’s letter. By instructing a firm like Shulmans to take action on your behalf, you are sending a clear message that you intend to pursue payment and to follow through on any threat of legal proceedings. That indication can be very powerful.

Expertise – By instructing our highly skilled, experienced debt recovery team to take recovery action on your behalf, you can rely on us to ensure that all correspondence, court documentation and processes will be fully compliant with all applicable legislation and procedural rules. If you or your credit control teams require any advice with regard to those rules, or indeed in the case of a disputed debt, we have specialists on hand to guide you. We are a one-stop-shop for all your queries.

Customer relationships – We recognise that good client relationships are critical to the sustainable success of any business, both in terms of repeat business and recommendations leading to new business. Many of our clients tell us that instructing our team to manage the legal recoveries process on their behalf ensures that there is a clear distinction between the products and services that they offer and their robust approach to credit management and debt recovery.

Flexibility – Our service is entirely flexible and can be tailored to your requirements in terms of process, communication with your credit control team and the provision of management information. In addition, we are able to utilise a variety of methods and strategies to obtain payment from your customers, dependent on the specific circumstances. Our highly skilled team uses bespoke technological solutions to manage the legal recoveries process for a wide range of clients across a number of industries, and is capable of managing large volumes of accounts at any time.

Cost – Our team will work with you to identify your objectives before producing a package which is tailored to your requirements. We offer a variety of pricing models which, again, will be tailored to your requirements. Whether you are looking for price certainty throughout or for all legal costs to be added to the amount your customer has to pay, we will provide a number of pricing options for you to choose from.

Initial Consultation

We offer a no obligation, initial consultation appointment during which a dedicated member of our team will work with you to gain an understanding of your businesses and objectives, the systems and processes that you have in place and what you require from a legal services provider.

If you would like to discuss our credit management and debt recovery services please don’t hesitate to contact Sara Souyave.