A day in the life of a HR Assistant: Elizabeth Smitten

Elizabeth Smitten, a HR Assistant in our Business Support department, describes a particular day at Shulmans.


I always arrive early on a Monday morning as this is the day that we hold our inductions for new starters joining the firm. As this is sometimes only the second time they have been to the firm first impressions really count. Therefore, I like to ensure everything is ready for when they arrive to make sure they receive a smooth, seamless, professional welcome to the firm.


The induction begins and throughout the morning members from different departments attend the induction to give the new starters an over view of what they do and who are in their teams. I have a slot during this time where I give them an overview of the different departments and where they are based. I also talk about Wellington Place and the surrounding area, our exciting benefits and our policies. I also go through any remaining paperwork that that is needed, such as their right to work documentation.


I have about 45 minutes whilst other colleagues speak to the new starters. During this time I return to my desk and check my emails. At this point I create a ‘to do’ list of the tasks to be completed that day. I also catch up with the HR Manager and the HR Resourcer for any updates and anything I need to be aware of that day.


Once the new starters have finished their induction to the firm I take them on a tour of the office and introduce them to our colleagues. This is a great way for them to get an understanding of where the different departments are based and put faces to names.

Once I have finished the tour I take them to their desks and introduce them to the team they will be working in. I also organise for the IT team to help them get set up and show them the different systems that we use.


On a lunchtime I like to go out, whether that’s to walk in to town which is only a short 10 minute walk, or pop to the local shops on Wellington Place or Wellington Street. In summer I also like to sit out on the grass and grab an ice cream from the van that comes to Wellington Place and cool down in the shade!

13:00 - 16:00

After lunch I set up our new starters to complete their mandatory online training in topics such as data protection.  Once they are set up I take this time to respond to any emails and action my tasks for the day. This can vary, from producing offer letters, organising interviews, organising future inductions, processing leavers, updating personal records and supporting the HR Manager with any projects.

16:00 - 17:00

During this time I like to catch up with the new starters that have joined that day to see how their first day has gone and to find out if they have any questions they would like to ask. First days can always be daunting so I like to ensure people are at ease and are settling into their role.

Towards the end of the day I like to review my task list for the day and box anything off that I need to. I also like to review my calendar for the next working day and prepare anything that may be needed for any meetings or projects that may be occurring.