Our international trade team specialises in making it easier for businesses to operate globally.

Supporting your business - advice on the laws and rules governing international trade

Our international trade team’s mission is to ensure that - whether you want to take advantage of an overseas market, or are operating outside the UK and would like to establish an operation within the UK – you can do business with ease and from a position of having been properly advised.

We advise clients on a whole range of issues that enable and empower them to carry out their activities in a successful and compliant manner. Our services cover all aspects of your business – from people to premises, and from regulations to relationships.

We provide advice in the following areas:

  • Selling your products and services overseas: branding and intellectual property; distributor and agency arrangements
  • Setting up a business overseas: helping you to plan and avoid risk; new trading terms and documentation; use of our specialist local business partners; issues with ownership of overseas businesses
  • Landing services in the UK: advising and assisting overseas businesses who want to operate in the UK; people, premises, and processes; regulations, intellectual property; data privacy and data transfer issues
  • Acquiring a UK business: using our business network to help you; due diligence and sense checking; risk management; the regulatory regime; people and workforces.

Further information about our services can be found in our 'Trading in the UK' and our 'Trading Overseas' brochures. Also available is our guide on employing and engaging people in the UK.

We hold the following memberships and appointments:

  • In September 2013 Jeremy Shulman, a key member of our international trade team, was appointed as an Export Ambassador by Chamber International, an organisation dedicated to supporting importers and exporters
  • Rob Lucas sits on the Parallel Imports Committee of INTA (International Trademark Association) and is a member of LESI (Licensing Executives Society International)
  • Dawn Carlisle is a member of the International Bar Association (IBA)

In 2016 and 2015, we were shortlisted at the Law Society Excellence Awards for our ‘Excellence in International Legal Services’. This award recognises firms with an innovative approach to the delivery of legal services in today’s international marketplace.

Although based in Leeds, we also have an office facility in the the heart of the City of London, where you can meet us by appointment. We are also present every year at MIPIM Cannes, in France, as partners of the Leeds City Region.

At the 2017 MIPIM conference in France, two video presentations were shown during one of the panel sessions:

Our team

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Head of International

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Employment & HR

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Commercial & IP

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