Intellectual Property

In today’s information-based economy, the protection, control and exploitation of ideas, innovation, technology, know-how and brands are of critical importance.

Legal protection and enforcement for all matters relating to brands, contracts and portfolios

There are many forms of IP. These include patents, trade marks, copyright and design rights which between them cover a multitude of features, such as what something looks like, how it is made, what it is made of and what it is called. Without expertise it is not always clear which rights apply, as the rights can overlap. To complicate the position further, each right has its own rules as to how it comes into existence, how you protect it, how it is owned and how long it lasts.

You will receive clear, expert advice from our IP team in respect of your IP portfolio. This will include guidance on identifying, securing, protecting and exploiting IP rights in the UK and overseas.

We are recognised by the Intellectual Property Office as experts in IP and were one of the first teams appointed to provide the IP Audit Plus service.

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