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Debt Recovery

We make a number of assumptions when managing debt recovery services on behalf of our clients. For example:

• Speedy debt recovery is important to maintain and contribute towards healthy cash-flow

• Clients may want to retain some or all of their customers

• It is important to create and develop a long term debt management and recovery strategy (particularly where clients may need to report to shareholders) that covers all aspects of your customer relationships

• Clients may want us to manage their debt recovery in other jurisdictions, such as Scotland….or even further afield

• High % recovery rates are important – as is a low cost (or even cost neutral) service.


It is these assumptions that make us different from other debt recovery operations. Additionally we will design a service that is bespoke to you giving you advice covering all of the features above together with access to:

• Online payment facility for your debtors (SagePay)

• Online reporting (with RecoverIT)

• Business process improvement consultancy to review your contractual relationships and ensure that risk of bad debt is low

• A range of specialist creditor management services to ensure that all avenues are available to recover your money

• No win – no fee arrangements and cost neutral solutions.

For more details please contact Richard Powell:
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"It is important that we can demonstrate to our shareholders that a significant proportion of our debt is recovered and that the whole debt portfolio is being proactively managed in an open and accountable manner. Shulmans do both."

Credit Controller, Thistle Hotels


Debt Recovery FAQs